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The origin of the New York Hospital can be traced to the commencement address of Dr. Samuel Bard, a graduate of the University of Edinburgh Medical School, Professor of the “Practice of Medicine”, delivered to the first two medical doctors to graduate from King’s College, now Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, in 1769 titled “A discourse upon the duties of a physician, with some sentiments on the usefulness and necessity of a public hospital.” Apparently city leaders also listening to this address were impressed enough to pledge one thousand pounds sterling.[3]

Dr. Peter Middleton reported on the progress with furthering this idea in another address to King’s College on November 3, 1769, stating “the necessity and usefulness of a public infirmary has so warmly and pathetically set forth in a discourse delivered by Dr. Samuel Bard… that his Excellency, Sir Henry Moore immediately set on foot a subscription for that purpose to which himself and most of the gentlemen present liberally contributed.” [4] Soon thereafter, the new Governor of the Colony, John Murray.